Created by a mother/daughter duo

SUSS is made up of Suss Cousins and her daughter Hanna Cousins. The pair takes inspiration from Suss' 30+ years of knitwear knowledge and experience (having had a knitwear store, Suss Design, on Beverly Blvd. in LA for 20 years that Hanna grew up in) and uses these passed down techniques in their designs today.

SUSS' knits are a fusion of 80s grunge and distress (pulling inspiration from that decade when Suss began her knitting career on the LES in NYC & where Hanna was born) and modern silhouettes and colors influenced by their homeland, Sweden.

Sustainable Knitwear

Suss and Hanna pride themselves on their slow fashion and sustainable approach. All of their pieces are hand-loomed, hand knit and hand crocheted locally by a small group of artisan technicians. Hand-looming consists of working on each garment individually on a manual knitting machine. The hand-loom allows for a waste-free production process developing fully-fashioned knits.

From the design to drop of their knits, they are hands-on and work with their technicians (who have been Suss' right hand throughout her career in LA) in every step of the development of their pieces. They have maintained a family in themanufacturing their knits.